Sadiq Khan says changes coming 'ASAP' to LTN where bus took two hours to travel three miles

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Sadiq Khan says changes coming 'ASAP' to two hour bus ride LTN - Evening Standard


Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said changes are coming “ASAP” to a low traffic neighbourhood which has fueled so much congestion that one bus took two hours to travel three miles.

Traffic has reportedly become so bad around the Streatham Wells Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) that buses have to be diverted at peak times, or navigate through the zone itself, to avoid gridlock.

Transport for London (TfL) data showed one bus took 121 minutes to travel 2.9 miles as the A23, which runs along one side of the LTN, became so congested.

He added that his team have been in touch with Lambeth Council “to see what we can do to resolve the issue”.

The council has already generated £320,000 in fines in the first three months of the LTN’s operation, according to the Times.

Answering a question from a bus driver on his Speak to Sadiq radio show he said: “It is not working and we've asked the council to look at it urgently to look at, in relation to the consequences of a very well-intentioned LTN, but people like you are reporting back to us that people are leaving your buses because it's taking so long."

"You'll get some news very soon about the changes the council are going to make to that LTN because the evidence is that in the first few months, it's not been great," Mr Khan continued.

London has had LTNs since the 1970s but a flurry of schemes have been implemented since 2020 as part of the Mayor of London’s plan for 80 per cent of all trips to be by active or sustainable modes by 2041.