Lambeth Lib Dems make statement on Streatham Wells LTN chaos

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Lambeth Lib Dems make statement on Streatham Wells LTN chaos - BrixtonBuzz


“We note this week’s comments from the Mayor of London that suggest the Labour bosses at Lambeth Council may, at long last, take stock of the impact of the trial Streatham Wells LTN.

However, as I and my fellow Liberal Democrat councillors have repeatedly called for, any changes to the current arrangements must be informed by credible data and publicly available expert analysis.

To date, Lambeth Labour have refused to publish their evidence base on the impact of the LTN when it comes to factors including: local air quality, bus journey times and school lateness. They have also dismissed residents’ deputations to the Town Hall asking for the same.

This is no way to build trust with the local community they claim to represent.

As the official opposition group on Lambeth Council, the Liberal Democrats will continue to demand that the Council publishes all relevant data. We also continue to work with our Liberal Democrat London Assembly Members to ensure that Transport for London also cooperates in this review.”